About Us

Consistently Delivering Quality

Spirit Pipelines Ltd. is a leading specialty pipeline company dedicated to bringing our clients the best service, quality, and reliability in the industry. Our portfolio demonstrates consistency in executing critical projects in some of the country’s most challenging conditions, while maintaining top safety standards, strict schedule adherence, and environmental sustainability. Choose SPL as your preferred contractor, and receive unsurpassed quality delivered in less time, for less cost than the competition.

An Elite Force of Trusted Experts

At the core of Spirit Pipelines is an elite leadership team overseeing every project we perform. This team of experts has built a trusted name through longevity in the industry, serving both in Canada and abroad for over 75 combined years. Our president himself can be seen wearing a suit part of the week and coveralls the other, maintaining an involved hand in every facet of the business. We strategically outstrip the competition by keeping our fingers on the pulse daily, and we take pride in employing a “serve what we serve well” policy, day in and day out.

The Best in the Industry

We are devoted to our corporate model of delivering the best team of pipeliners in the country. Instead of trying to wrap our arms around the whole world, we decided to abandon the “big” mentality in favor of quality and reliability. Our prime focus is on refining a proficient, flexible team who can safely complete projects tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Nothing is too big, or too small for us. We don’t TRY to be the biggest – we ARE the best.


At SPL, we pride ourselves on operating company-wide with the integrity and unity of a close family, which advantageously differentiates us from the competition. The same unity integral to launching and leading a successful business extends throughout the entire company to this day. Choose Spirit Pipelines, and rest assured that your job will be carried out by a close-knit group, one that moves with efficiency and agility stemming from years of interactive teamwork.

Ryan Hilton | President & Owner | Construction & Contracts

President and owner of Spirit Pipelines, Ryan possesses a diverse background in the oil and gas industry. Ryan formed early milestones in his career serving as an international oil superintendent, mentoring, training, and consulting from East Africa to Southeast Asia. In 2000, Ryan returned to consult for Canadian companies on Canadian soil, working across the nation in eight provinces. In 2003, he ventured out on his own to form Spirit Pipelines. Ryan’s career is his passion and pride, and he still takes an active part in each and every one of SPL’s projects, an attribute his clients collectively recognize and respect.

Key Players

Neil Reichel | Operations

Neil Reichel and his team are responsible for keeping SPL’s equipment fleet in peak condition, and ensuring our crews always have the right equipment for your job. Combining his intuitive mechanical sense with a meticulous work ethic, Neil is a key component of our job site efficiency. His years in the field, including 4 years running his own services company, have given him comprehensive experience in oilfield construction. Neil continually integrates process improvements and technology that make our business, and your contract, run more smoothly.

Message from the CEO

When I evaluate our growth since inception, I am proud to say that we are still the same family, the same dedicated experts, and the same elite team that has formed our identity since the beginning, eight years ago.

We have successfully transformed from a startup to the thriving company that we are today. Although we have grown drastically in size and volume, we have maintained the strong family ties and dedication to quality that have distinguished us since day one.

In today’s ever-evolving market, we are constantly curving and molding to fit the changing challenges and standards of the construction industry.

Quality. We are committed to a corporate policy of “serve who we serve well.” Rather than trying to be the biggest, we’ve stayed as a mid-sized, elite organization. We offer our customers a special forces company, rather than a faceless, monster corporation boasting large numbers with sub-par service.

Strategy. As owner, my management technique is hands-on, day in and day out. I am very actively involved in all aspects of the business, from out in the field, to sales, to maintaining client relationships. Rather than trying to wrap my arms around the world, I instead target strategic geographical projects that fit our corporate philosophy, so that we can in turn provide our clients with the best product for their money.

Safety. My greatest fear as owner is in receiving a call that one of our own Spirit family members is injured. For this reason, I make safety our first and foremost priority, so we can ensure all of our people make it home to their families at the end of each day.

Sustainability. Environmental preservation is a key factor in the way we conduct our daily business, with the goal of passing on a greener earth to our children and grandchildren.

Thank you for choosing Spirit Pipelines. I am confident in our ability to supply a capable, qualified team to meet and exceed your construction needs.

Ryan Hilton

President, Chief Executive Officer, & Owner


After spending milestone years in the oil and gas industry both internationally and across Canada, superintendent and consultant Ryan Hilton ventured out on his own in 2003. In 2006, Ryan brought his brothers aboard, both leaders in their respective fields. Starting out in Alberta with just two excavators, a couple of pieces of machinery, and a horse trailer for a warehouse, Spirit Pipelines was born.

Starting out with 3”, 4”, and 6” diameter pipes, SPL soon expanded out to 16” to 36” pipes up to 7 feet hydro lines, and is today a mid-sized specialty company in the mainstream focused on providing timely solutions for project execution, taking on jobs ranging from small and intricate to large and complicated.

With a passion for environmental awareness, SPL soon found a niche market in environmentally-friendly, run-of-the-river hydroelectricity, or the act of running water through a turbine to make energy. This green power niche distinguishes SPL as a highly specialized pipeline contractor in the marketplace.


Through our years of dedicated, intensive service in the pipelining industry, Spirit Pipelines has acquired a broad range of certified specialty construction equipment. With our extensive lineup of heavy duty machinery, rest assured that we possess the equipment capable of carrying out your specific project. We use only the best, and regularly evaluate our heavy duty machinery to ensure it complies with our rigorous safety standards.

SPL utilizes low-impact equipment in alignment with our established greening initiatives. We operate with extreme diligence toward minimal environmental disturbance, and our equipment reflects our commitment to sustainability. In addition to owning our own equipment, SPL has also built strong relationships with numerous equipment rental companies, allowing us to access additional equipment as needed. These partnerships provide us with limitless resources, enabling us to take on any job, large or small.

Types of Equipment

Our heavy construction equipment includes:

  • 30 Excavators
  • 26 Pipelayers
  • 18 Bulldozers
  • 8 Trenchers
  • 6 Graders
  • 13 Rock Trucks
  • 6 Highway Tractors
  • 15 Heavy Haul Trailers
  • 10 Picker Trucks
  • 55 Crew Trucks
  • 8 Mechanic Trucks
  • 6 Gravel Trucks