Spirit Pipelines is a recognized industry leader comprised of elite contractors operating at today’s standards in construction, project management, procurement, and oil and gas fields.

SPL specializes in a wide range of services, including pipeline installation, facility installation, reclamation, and heavy civil construction. We are known in the industry for our eagerness to take on any job, large or small.

We are extremely comfortable in our ability to supply qualified personnel, ready to meet and exceed demanding timeline estimations, despite rugged terrain, rough climates, and remote access.

With a history of over 75 years as the industry’s best, our leadership team ensures projects are completed with unequivocal quality and efficiency, in adherence to budgetary requirements, safety standards, and environmental sensitivity.

We have a track record of working with and impressing widely recognized energy companies. Many of our clients return again and again, knowing they will receive enthusiastic service and timely project completion.

Our services include:

Heavy Civil Construction

Reclamation Work

Facility Installation

Pipeline Installation