Social Responsibility


SPL’s Safety Policy

Safety is one of our top priorities as a company. That’s why SPL conforms to and exceeds established safety standards. Our safety policy incorporates our objective of seeing that everyone gets home safely at the conclusion of each and every project. We ensure that each individual in our company adheres to SPL’s established policies and procedures, as well as all governing regulations, including municipal, provincial, and federal laws.

Training and Education

SPL continuously qualifies employees for the task at hand via orientations, on-site mentoring programs, and advanced educational outreach, in order to produce the most competent professionals in the industry.

SPL requires all levels of personnel to participate in and promote our safety programs, and we expect management to lead by positive example. From administration to field supervisors, SPL maintains full adherence to safety policies and procedures.

Inspection for Review

SPL ensures our policies and procedures conform to the needs of both our company and the industry in which we work. Industry standards often change, and we adapt our standards accordingly. In each and every area SPL serves, we comply with the corresponding governing regulations. We rely heavily on communication to make sure that people are safe with us, in every situation.

We employ a number of tools to ensure our safety program is appropriate to the nature of our work, participating in daily tailgate meetings, weekly safety meetings, hazard identifications, field-level hazard assessments, and job site assessments. We frequently review and revise our health and safety programs to make sure that we evolve in correspondence with changing industry standards, as well as growth within the company.


Audits are conducted both internally and externally to maintain our COR (Certificate of Recognition) Certifications, verifying that our policies and programs meet the needs of the company and the industry.


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Environmental Policy

As pipeliners, we work primarily in heavily environmentally sensitive forestry and agricultural areas. SPL specializes in providing minimal impact pipelines, setting us apart from and above the competition. Through the use of low-impact track equipment, we exercise sensitivity to environmental impact in all projects conducted.

First Nation Relations

In efforts geared toward advancing positive relations and the betterment of First Nations and Métis communities, we always partner with local native contractors wherever we work.

We have established a mutually beneficial relationship with our neighboring community of the Samson Cree Nation, and are currently in the process of planning a training school for aboriginals in conjunction with Merle Yellowbird and Chief Marvin Yellowbird.